1. Strategies Used by the Vietcong

Spread communism, defeat the USA. These were some of their goals. The Vietcong used a variety of different strategies, changing the normal strategies of war. Most strategies used to be a group of people walking in groups and working together to take down the enemy. Well, the Vietcong did not use this more strategy at all. The Vietcong would mostly use the jungle environment of Vietnam to their advantage. They would hide behind trees and low in hedges, then when a group of American soldiers would start walking by hand in hand, they would just shoot at them randomly. The American soldiers were completely thrown off by this particular tactic at the beginning of the war, but as the war progressed, they started to expect more flanks. Another they used were the Cu Chi tunnels. The Vietcong would plant traps in these tunnels, so whenever American troops would enter the tunnels, they would either die, or get captured. However, these tunnels used to stump American troops, after the war progressed, U.S. army started producing tunnel rats to be able to learn about the Vietnamese traps and be able to navigate through the tunnels easier. And lastly, to supply their troops, the Vietcong would use the Ho Chi Minh Trail (HCMT). The HCMT was a network of roads starting in North Vietnam, and going through Laos and Cambodia to produce resources for their troops in HI.

Strategies Used by the U.S.

The U.S.'s main strategy to try and win the war was called attrition warfare. Attrition Warfare is the strategy to try and win the war by completely wiping out the opposing side's army. Well, this strategy didn't work out to well because North Vietnam's army increased by 200,000 people every year. Although this was one of the U.S.'s strategies throughout the war, it didn't work too well and they probably should have switched strategies.

Another strategy was operation Rolling Thunder. Operation Rolling Thunder was a U.S. Navy and the Republic of Vietnam Air Force aerial bombing campaign. The objective of the bombing campaign was to destroy North Vietnam's transportation system, industrial bases and air defenses.

Lastly, the third strategy was to do Search and Destroy missions. Search and Destroy missions were missions where a group of U.S. troops would storm villages and kill all Vietcong troops. These missions were somewhat successful because there were few Vietcong troops taking up base in small towns in Southern Vietnam. Then there was the invasion of My Lai. U.S. Charlie Company was told to invade the town of My Lai and kill everyone in the town. Well, the troops did as they were told and killed 4,000 innocent civilians, and killed no Vietcong soldiers.